research paper on chinese culture and chinese business etiquette. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on chinese culture and chinese business etiquette. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. As will be illustrated from the two chapters in this critique, Seligman external cultural viewpoint makes him offer a lot of illustrations of American and Western values and cultural differences making the book a need-to-read not only for Westerners but every foreigner willing to do business in China, as well as Chinese wishing to live and do business in the West.

In Chapter II, Getting in Touch, the author offers a vivid illustration of an American who wanted to seek partnership as a way of venturing into business in China (Seligman 13-14). This illustration brings out a very clear principle, “The Chinese do not like to enter into business deals with companies’ or individuals of whom they have no prior knowledge of, or have never heard of” (Seligman 14). Seligman goes further to offer some insight into how people or companies’ which might be faced or have been faced with similar situations can handle it. He suggests that companies willing to engage in a business venture in partnership with Chinese companies’ should at least go through intermediaries-organizations or individuals known to the Chinese organization in question-who will make a formal introduction and vouch for their reliability. This will help build confidence with the Chinese firm, thus making an organization or individual worthy of trust (15). However, Seligman also concedes that, with the business environment in China currently “normalizing,” the need for intermediaries is currently reducing. This does not mean that old Chinese rules do not apply or they have adopted American or Western norms overnight, but, that the Chinese have rapidly adapted to the changing international business environment including attitude, expectations and perception, as well.

To avoid a scenario is like the one illustrated by (14-15), it is good for one to offer adequate information about their business or company and proposed venture to the Chinese partner they are seeking. Important details&nbsp.include company or business history, nature of the business arrangement, how, and where the proposed meeting is to be.

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