research paper on contemporary communication technologies impact on economic development. Needs to be 15 pages.

Need an research paper on contemporary communication technologies impact on economic development. Needs to be 15 pages. Please no plagiarism. By the year 2009, the GDP of Kenya was reported to be at 2398.27 billion Kenyan Shilling which is equivalent to 28 billion US dollars (Trading economics, 2012). Currently, the development of technology has enabled people to access information freely, which is due to facilities such as the Internet. In previous years, looking for particular information would have meant going to the library or through papers.

Access to information and ease of communication has easily availed information to people base on their search at any time, and this has an impact on their economy and social development (Venkatesh, Thong & Xu, 2012). Businesses have taken advantage of this and are using the avenue to launch and market their products. Among the most used contemporary communication media are social media, which are websites that allow people to communicate with each other instantly. Organizations have been using communication avenues to build strong brands for their products, seeking to target millions of social media users. Contemporary communication technologies utilization leads to social and economic development in developing countries. This paper will analyze the impact of the Internet on the development of the economy and socialization in Kenya.

According to IMF projection, the GDP of Kenya is estimated to grow to 4667.11 billion Kenyan Shilling which is equivalent to 54 billion US dollars by the year 2015 (Trading economics, 2012). This is evidence of the continuous growth in the economy and the expected further growth. To attain these projections, the development of technology and industries plays a major role. Most of these constant growth has been facilitated by the application of contemporary communication technologies, which has enabled faster communication, smooth business operations, and the creation of employment.

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The development of science and technology has enabled businesses to use facilities such as the internet in the country to enable the growth of the GDP through the generation of personal income. Currently, Kenya has been observing a rise in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry(SOFTKENYA, 2011). These are businesses run through the internet, where a major company can outsource a whole or part of its department, such as marketing and call center in a different country.

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