research paper on does thoreaus views of nature stem from lockes writings. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on does thoreaus views of nature stem from lockes writings. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. As any other writer, Thoreau’s writings may bear resemblance to the thoughts of different authors. To see through him from the perspective of an individualist thinker in comparison with some other individualistic ideologists is interesting. John Locke, a prominent English writer and philosopher of the 17th century who questioned the divine rights of the King, triggered a revolution of theorization in the field of political and philosophical thoughts. Locke is strictly an empiricist, who holds the view that the experience of the senses is pivotal in pursuit of knowledge. In this sense, when we turn back to Thoreau and his practical experiment with the simplicity of life in Walden Pond, can we find any similarities or dissimilarities between Thoreau and Locke? Or can we say that did the views propounded by Thoreau derive from the Locke’s writing? This research paper is an attempt to look into Thoreau’s thoughts on nature from this viewpoint.

Let’s start with a quote used by Thoreau in his essay titled Where I Lived and What I lived for. “I am monarch of all I survey. My right there is none to dispute” (Thoreau retrieved from Thoreau asserts that man is supreme in constituting his understanding of nature as we see in the philosophy of empiricism. From these words, it is obvious that Thoreau believes that human beings are absolutely free to lead their life in nature as they wish and a particular government or a law cannot reign over the free will of them. Again in the essay titled Civil Disobedience, one of the most controversial and influential essays by him which inspired the great social thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi and Tolstoy, “I heartily accept the motto , that government is best which governs least(Thoreau. Retrieved from”. We can a draw a line connecting the&nbsp.main thought of both of the citations, which accentuates man’s freedom in the state of nature.&nbsp.

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