research paper on heat of solution for various salts.

Need an research paper on heat of solution for various salts. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. These factors will all play a role in influencing energy change, in the process of an experiment.

Energy changes when a salt dissolves in water are indicated by the temperature change of the system, usually, change in water temperature. Since the environment surrounding the system under observation can influence the temperature of the system, it is necessary to use a set-up that will shield this effect. For this to be possible, a calorimeter is used.

This experiment may be undertaken in the laboratory. The results obtained, though will be inclusive of external interference thus not accurate. For this laboratory, an open system will be used. The variables in this experiment include the quantities to be used and the temperature changes. The different salts to be used constitute the independent variables in this experiment. Temperature change is the dependent variable since it keeps changing throughout the experiment. The amounts of the salt, and water as measured all through the experiment.

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Hypothesis: If the dissociation of the ions of the salt is accompanied by energy change, this will be transferred to the water. The temperature change of the solution is directly proportional to the energy change of the system.

Calculations involving temperature changes are usually done in Kelvin. Analysis of the results in this case, however, the results remain in degrees Celsius. This is because when heat changes consider temperature differences. Whether in Kelvin or not, the resultant heat change retains the same number of units. The temperature may be in Kelvin or degrees Celsius, but a change of two units while in Kelvin is the same in 0C.

The salts used in this experiment are all categorized as ionic salts. The bonds in the structure are due to electrostatic attraction between different chemical charges, also referred to as an ionic bond. An ion is a chemical species with a characteristic charge. For each of the salts in this experiment, two species can be identified within one salt. The positive charge is the cation and the negative charge of the anion. For Ammonium Sulphate, for instance, the ammonium ion (NH4+) is the cation, while the sulphate ion (SO42-) is the anion.

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