research paper on how social sustainability is defined and measured. Needs to be 7 pages.

Need an research paper on how social sustainability is defined and measured. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. There are many tools used to measure sustainable development but we have focused on the few working in UK and EU, how they measure sustainable development, which tool is more successful, and what steps should be included to enhance its results and productivity. Whether it is helpful in transmitting social sustainability awareness into society and developing equity between generations (meaning the future generations will not be affected or disadvantaged by current generation activities). Basically, the success of sustainable development tools and strategies depends upon the ability to achieve the highest attainable increase in living standards measured against the least possible environmental degradation. Thus, the discussion in this paper is based on social development and tools to measure their sustainability and their success rate in providing environmental protection and also protection to future generation resources.


Sustainable development is something that meets the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. According to some researchers, we are using future generation resources to meet today’s environmental built. That is the reason there is a connection between social responsibility and sustainable development. Social responsibility is that we make environmentally friendly steps in environment building, do not use non-ethical investment which has more than in-hand (available) resource requirement and build a sustainable product. It basically introduces the idea of ethical corporate practices and good citizenship and is usually associated with an organization’s best practices and investment plans and a healthy environment built (Kimmet, 2009). Hence we can say that there is a slight difference between social responsibility and sustainable development and after the latest predictions about climate change, small as well as large businesses, have gathered pace to adopt the sustainability tools within the built environment.

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The importance of sustainable development has become debatable after leading economists have stated the fact that contemporary business ways with respect to greenhouse gas emissions would lead to a global economic and environmental disaster in the long run, and nowadays many of the scientists.

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