research paper on managers and their employees. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on managers and their employees. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The previous researches have indicated that the managers are concerned about the fairness in rewards distribution. The decision is also affected by the personal relationships of the employees with the resource allocator. It has also been revealed in previous studies that the managers categorize their subordinates into favorable and unfavorable groups. The style of management differs in the Chinese environment from the Western organizations. According to the article, the Chinese managers categorize their workers according to three criteria. The first being personal relationships, second is the loyalty and the third being competence of the individuals. Previous researches have studied this relationship but none has ever expedited upon the effect of this categorization on reward allocation. Therefore this study is focused on reward allocation and categorization behavior of the managers.

The interaction of the Chinese managers with different categories of workers differs as they categorize the workers based on relationship, loyalty, and competence. The employees having a distant relationship with the managers, having a lesser degree of loyalty with the organization and having low performance are not treated fairly and vice versa. The author presents his hypothesis in the article that the relationship, loyalty, and competence, each will have a different effect on the reward allocation of the Chinese managers. A Chinese manager tends to favor their relatives even if a non-relative employee is more competent than the relative employee. The employees who are very close and loyal to the manager tend to get more rewards than those who are not. When an employee is loyal as well as highly competent, they can earn high level of trust as well as high rewards. The second hypothesis presented by the author is that the three criteria will interactively affect the decision of the manager’s reward allocation. The third hypothesis says that compared to a public context, the effects of relationship, competence or loyalty on reward allocation will be greater in private context.

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