research paper on psychological research and real-world problems. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on psychological research and real-world problems. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Meanwhile, Pretz, Naples and Sternberg (2003: 3 – 4) stated that the first stage in research, especially in the field of psychology, is the capacity of recognizing, defining as well as representing a problem. Having this as the starting point, a unique knowledge base is gathered in attempting to address the raised issue. Generally, research has an aim to understand and explain a phenomenon. Via establishing the insights and general principles from the research, it can aid in the explanation as well as prediction of what is likely to occur given a particular phenomenon. Given this general overview of psychology, this essay mainly aims at discussing how this particular field has led to new solutions to the problems in the real world. Basically, this intends to consider specifically how the sub-disciplines of psychology such as cognitive, social and forensic provide new answers to such existent dilemmas in this day and age.

Cognitive psychology, the study of human cognition, takes on the principle that behavior is a consequence of the thought and reasoning processes of an individual (Sammons, no date: 1). Some of the major research tools applied in this area of psychology consist of experimentation as well as modeling or simulation. On the one hand, its main research areas include knowledge representation, language, perception, categorization, thinking as well as memory.

Research in psychology has improved the knowledge base on memory. Hence, such research has aided the existing problems of the real world today. For example, the knowledge of memory has helped in understanding a normal memory loss from a strange memory loss. In the phenomenon of aging, Budson and Price (2005, 692 – 699) stated that the unusual form of memory loss can be a symptom in diagnosing a disease like Alzheimer’s.&nbsp.

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