research paper on summary of a scientific article. Needs to be 2 pages.

Need an research paper on summary of a scientific article. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Client’s 14 July The article comprehensively presents how biological invasion affects the native plants and how the same can be stopped. It takes no time for the invaders to make native plants refugees. this is what the article talks about. Native species of grass is being displaced by several weeds and this is very harmful for the people. The article sheds light upon how Avena barbata which is a weed or slender wild oat displaces native grass in California. Other weeds such as Bromus diandrus and Hordeum murinum are also responsible for displacing native grass in California, it is a great cause of concern and the article addresses the same issues. The article also sheds light upon community resistance, the three above mentioned grasses were testes by using suitable chemicals and results which could control the invasion were found. The article addresses several questions. the most important of all questions is how this invasion of wild slender plants or weed can be stopped. The article aims to stop invasion, it also aims at preserving native grass against weeds and slender plants. Several introduces species have been comprehensively analyzed in the article. these species live outside of their native land which results in suppressing of native grass. Grass is incapable of moving from one place to another, these grasses get introduced wither because of intentional or unintentional human activity. The article also sheds light upon some of these activities which results in introduction of these weeds. How an invader invades has been comprehensively analyzed in the article, the article talks about Abiotic factors that can greatly control the success of an invader. Suitable examples are being given everywhere in the article, the article points out towards the example of deserts where less invaders are seen because human activity is very limited, stressful environments have also been talked about in the article, it is also realized that stressful environments provide good conditions for the invader to invade and supersede native grass. Limiting resources when added can also lead to increased chances of invasion, the article gives an appropriate example of Texas where exotic tress invaded exotic annual grasses. “Invader density is low on serpentine outcrops, which remain dominated by native forbs and grasses despite a potentially large pool of non-native propagules (Harrison 1999. Gram et al.2004). The addition of limited resources triggered a positive change in both native and invasive species. the invasive species reacted even more positively towards this change than the native species. Experimental design, soil analysis and harvesting are some of many analyses that the article takes into account. The article mainly deals with invader success and how it can be contained. several useful experiments have been conducted to see the reaction of the invader and the native species. The article is very useful and contains information which can be used widely. The circumstances in which the invaders invade has also been talked about in the article, important terms like introduction, limited resources and so on are very important to understand in order to understand the gist of the article. Works Cited Harrison SP (1999) Local and regional diversity in a patchy landscape: native, alien, and endemic herbs on serpentine.

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