research paper on victimization of gay representatives. Needs to be 6 pages.

Need an research paper on victimization of gay representatives. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. There is a number of reasons to hypothesize that people who are not traditional in their sexual orientation experience more psychological, physical, and sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence. Moreover, they are prone to remain victims of traumatization even in older age due to adapted behavioral patterns of the people who contact them. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents turn out to be frequent victims of their family emotional, psychological abuse if their sexual orientation was disclosed. They can be criticized for their extraordinary behavior or outfit on this ground. Adults usually suffer from discrimination at work and at home, invisibility among acquaintances. Such an attitude often results in victimization in gay, lesbian, and bisexual and psychological problems connected with it: drug abuse, promiscuity, self –destructive tendencies. Adolescents who feel the pressure of victimization escape from home and lead an antisocial way of life. There also exists a difference between men and women experiencing victimization. Men risk more to become victims of home abuse because of a more distorted image regarding gay relationships in society. But women are more frequent victims of discrimination, psychological. physical, and emotional abuse.

The existing studies underline only a slightly increased rate of violence among gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, however, the methodologies of the research were mostly doubtful. There was a shift to the research on lesbians and infants with more attention dedicated to home violence but the results were not compared with the results from heterosexual people. Moreover, only a few studies concentrated on life-long examining the participants` life while this study aims to find out if victimization stops with age or it tends to continue during the whole life.

The researches of this study aimed to find out whether homosexuals and bisexuals are more exposed to traumatic experiences during a lifetime.

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