research paper on writing as an important part of life. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on writing as an important part of life. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. I truly wondered if I would be able to keep up and if I did manage this wonderful feat if I would really be able to get anything out of it. One of the classes that concerned me most was my English class because I assumed there would be a lot of writing involved. My background in writing goes back as far as childhood when I first became thrilled with the way that marks on a paper could communicate ideas and pictures to my mind. I was thrilled with the stories that books could tell with nothing more than black marks and a little education. I never believed I would be a person who would communicate much in this way, but I recognized, even then, that writing was an important part of life because it was essential in preserving ideas.

No matter what kind of writing I am busy with, I always learn new words and new rules of grammar or punctuation. I do try to practice my writing as often as I can. When I must write to fulfill writing assignments, I usually spend a good deal of time working out a basic outline of what I want to say to answer the question, and then I slowly begin to fill in the different sections with more and more information. Once everything seems to be long enough for a whole essay, I read through it and revise several times before handing it in. As I reflect over this past semester, I realize this is one of the more valuable classes I’ve taken for a variety of reasons.

When I first entered the class, one of the things that really made me nervous was that I didn’t feel very comfortable about writing in general. It is so difficult for me to put my thoughts into words that really express what I mean. Rules of punctuation and grammar terrified me and the idea of always having to formally organize my thoughts before I started writing seemed like a big waste of time. This can be seen fairly clearly in one of my first essays, “The Case Against Babies Taken Too Far.” In this essay, there are several lengthy sentences. One sentence included in the introduction is “The intended audience for the reading is anyone who wishes to have babies and need to take a reasoned approach to the task and for those who are interested from the point of view of an objective stance on why we should have babies.

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