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Following the divorce, their mother who shifted to Victoria, British Columbia brought up Monteith and his elder brother. After the divorce, it was difficult to meet his father Joe due to his military involvement and Monteith experienced social difficulties in school since he was thirteen years when he started using marijuana and alcohol and began to skip school (Daily Mail Reporter, 2013).

Monteith dropped out of school after attending sixteen schools, which include an alternative program for troubled teens. By the time he dropped from school, his alcohol, drug dependency had increased, and he turned to pretty crimes like stealing money from his family and friends in order to fund his addictions. However, his turning point in his life was experienced when he was nineteen years when his mother and her friends staged and intervened. After the intervention, he claimed that he was lucky to be alive. in 2011, he eventually received a high school diploma from an alternative school that he attended in Victoria. Before joining the show business, he had been involved in a number of jobs, which include taxicab driver, school bus driver, roofer, and mechanic (Jory, 2011).

Monteith started his acting career in British Columbia in Vancouver. He was involved in minor roles in Whisper, Final Destination 3 as well as Deck the Halls. He also made guest appearances in television series like Supernatural, Smallville, Flash Gordon, Stargate SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis. In 2005, he made an appearance in the Killer Bash about a tormented geek’s soul, which was taking revenge on the murderers of his children by taking over the body of the twin girl. In addition, he shot the film Brothers and Sisters with Milligan Dustin that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2011 (Daily Mail Reporter, 2013). In 2009, he was cast in the Glee series on Fox. In the film, he portrayed Hudson Finn, who was a star in the quarterback of his football team in high school and risks hostility from his friends since he had joined the school’s glee club.&nbsp.

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