submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Confederate Flag as Divisive Symbol for Many Americans.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Confederate Flag as Divisive Symbol for Many Americans. To many, the flag represents the dehumanization of a specific class of people.

To many in the United States, the Confederate Flag is a connection with their ancestors who fought under the flag during the Civil War. The flag was carried by Confederate troops as they went into battle. Many fought and died, under their standard. For the Descendents “the Rebel flag symbolizes Southern heritage and valor” (Cummings, 2002). Many descendants insist that the flag represents the fight for “constitutional liberties and state’s rights” (Currier, 2005). These descendants believe that the flag represents more than slavery. It represents a period in history that their ancestors actively participated in. Today’s fliers of the flag want that connection. It is not uncommon to find the Confederate flag flown at Confederate cemeteries and it “seems perfectly reasonable because the soldiers buried in Higginsville (a Confederate cemetery) fought and died under the Southern Cross” (Currier, 2005).

In the 1880s the Confederate flag regained popularity when members of “The Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy sought to preserve the flag’s heritage by flying it in commemorative ceremonies” (Currier, 2005). Again, this is an example of the flag being used to maintain a connection with ancestors who fought in the Civil War. The Confederacy, and the flag, are part of their heritage as well.

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The Confederacy did fall to the Union. We can’t erase that from our history. It is part of the history we pass on to our children. It is only when the flag is misused that its history is marred with hatred. Interestingly, “NAACP does not oppose Americans who want to honor their Confederate ancestors” (Currier, 2005). This same group does oppose the flying of the flag at Confederate cemeteries because they believe that any “use of the flag is an endorsement of an emblem of white resistance to black achievement, freedom, and equality” (Currier, 2005).

The Flag as a Symbol of Hatred

Those who proudly fly the Confederate flag include those who share a hatred for anyone who is black, Asian, or Jewish.

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