submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Culture and Communication in China.

My teacher assigned us a project related to the culture and tradition of China and we had a group discussion on the topic where we decided to create a presentation on the Chinese economy. Being a team member I played a key role in planning the procedure to carry out the entire research. The study of the Chinese economy offers us a scope to gather information regarding China’s growth prospects that would help us to prepare our presentation on China.

In my country, the homes are built in a manner that they are clustered together to fulfill the needs of an extended family. The first name is considered to be the personal name and the second name is that of the father’s name (Country reports, 2015). The number of rooms within the homes built in Kuwait increases according to the family sizes. As far as our food habits are concerned the people of Kuwait love to have a rich diet with no physical exercise. We eat around three meals a day. Since vegetables are unavailable in desert areas we largely depend on a non-vegetarian diet. Some of the Kuwaitis are still found to wear traditional Arabian clothes (Country reports, 2015). The people of Kuwait spend most of their time socializing with the family members. The official language that we Kuwaitis speak is usually known as modern standard Arabic (Country reports, 2015).

Our group manager suggested us to study about China by accessing various journals and books available in China. However, we had to plan our research within a stipulated time period and our group manager planned it in a well-organized fashion. My team comprised of members with good English speaking capability but since I am from Kuwait I did not have much knowledge about English and this is where I faced a communication gap with other team members. We carried out a study related to the culture and tradition of China which revealed that the local language of China that is Mandarin is spoken by around 70% of the people living in China.

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The local people of China enjoy wearing traditional clothes.

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