submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Federal Government through Public Policies.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Federal Government through Public Policies. In the year 1995, the federal government under the leadership of President Clinton, he banned the discrimination of people in the line of sexual orientation (Kuhn, 2011). During his tenor, the anti-gay movement was done away within the nation. The federal government of today openly supports sexual orientation as it argues that it leads to sexual gender equality.

The issue of Gays has been in the limelight in the politics of the United States of America since it affects both humanity and the state as a whole. In America, there are various groups that have come out to be supporting the Gay movement at the same time there are groups of individuals and the organization that do not support the movement. With the United States of America one of the superpowers, its take on the movement directly affects the stand of most countries in the world. Most of the groups and the individuals that do not support the Gay movement solely have their position resting upon the faith that they hold in their religions. For instance, most Christians do not support the idea of gays as they argue that God created the two sexes so as to procreate and have companions on one another which is not the case should the movement be legalized. As much as the Gay movement may not receive full credit from the community fraternity, the federal government views it as a way of dealing with gender inequality in society. There has been the ruling from the Supreme Court that supports and provides for the rights of the gay movement in the United States of America. One of the representatives of the public people who have talked about the Gay movement is Ben Carson. He said that as far as the Supreme Court has made the judgment in favor of the gay movement, the federal government should not pass it. That is&nbsp.because it is mandatory for the president assent to the laws by Congress not judicial rulings. The introduction of gay marriage laws has variation by jurisdiction, being variously achieved through a change in legislation to&nbsp.marriage laws, a court ruling that is based on constitutional guarantees of equality, a popular vote that is direct.

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