submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Shanghai’s Early Cosmopolitan Stage and Its Revolution.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Shanghai’s Early Cosmopolitan Stage and Its Revolution. The book Shanghai Modern – The Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China 1930 – 1945” by a Harvard University Professor. Leo Ou – fan Lee, echoes the views of the author on Shanghai and traces its journey from being perceived as a treaty port in the early 1930s to its gradual evolution into a cosmopolitan metropolis with a blossoming economy and a radiating and heterogeneous cultural life. The author has presented an enthralling depiction of the bustling city during its golden age before its flamboyant spirit was seized by the antagonistic Communist ideology. He offers a noncommittal view of the diverse cultural facets including the architecture, music, movies, and literature described by him as cultural imagery or contour of collective sensibilities (Lee, 1999, Pp.63) of that era and meaningful insight into the interrelationship between old and traditional elements of China and the apparent modernity of Shanghai.

Gender relations in China have been highly influenced by the orthodox Chinese culture which was largely, in Confucian terms, patriarchal in nature and hence could be perceived as a mere extension of a certain cultural continuity/compliance with the preset traditional social norms. The gender relations in orthodox China which were based on the Marxist ideology were representative of a common consensus – an extension of widely accepted social habits that set predefined roles for both males as well as females. The old Confucian norms were partial towards males which further forced women towards reluctantly accepting the position of subservience and social confinement.

However, with the onset of the nineteenth century, Shanghai pioneered the cause of women’s education thus setting up a new beginning towards eliminating gender biases. This period saw a flurry of dynamic reform policies which were further accelerated post the downfall of the Manchu empire in the year 1911 and the subsequent declaration of China as an independent republic nation. This period saw the emergence of innumerable women’s organizations that actively took part in politics and championed the cause of women’s liberation. This period witnessed the influx of western ideologies and the redefining of gender relations in the Communist regime.

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