submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Technology and Its Philosophy.

The issue between the various ideas creates a need for critical examination of the fundamental presumptions so that it can be decided that what is and what is not to be maintained. However different philosophers differ greatly from each other in their primary perspectives, opinions, and point of view, but it still remains a very prominent attribute and feature of philosophy that the search for truth is primary. We start by presuming that there are correct and incorrect answers to the most extensive questions and that its procedure for determining the truth is just a rational argument. Basically, philosophy is the study of the basic nature of existence, knowledge, and reality (Oxford Dictionaries, n.pag.). Technology has derived greatly from philosophical ideas that which were once thought, has been executed into action now.

It is mainly because of technology that most of contemporary society hangs together. It is very important not just because it is an economic force but also because it is a cultural force. Actually, during the previous two centuries, when technology slowly and gradually appeared as a subject, the philosophy of technology has mainly been worried about the impact that technology will and can have on society, the culture, and the people, rather than it been concerned about the technology itself. Philosophy lends itself to technology, which in recent years has transformed widely since its inception. Mostly the philosophies about technology talk about its effects on the people rather than considering what is being displayed by the mediums of technology. Major philosophies about technology concern the effect of such modern machines on the world rather than how the things being displayed are brought into the process. Indeed, communication has been enhanced however there are deeper implications to having immersed oneself into a digitalized life.

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