submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Discrimination against Women in Marriage in Iran.

Women in Iraq don’t have the right to argue or confront their husbands. This is further illustrated by Miram (2001), in most marriages in Iran decision-making is solely left to the husband. The women have no say in decisions that concern the family. For example, if the couple has a daughter and is supposed to be wedded off, the mother has no say on matters about inheritance or what groom the daughter should be married to. The mother’s work is to prepare her daughter for marriage by showing her how to cook, and how to obey her husband among other things. In Iran, married women are not allowed to take any form of birth control measures. This is unethical as it is the women who bear the shortcomings that come with pregnancy. The role of women in marriages is reduced to cooking and giving birth.

According to Hossein (1999), in remote parts of Iran like Sistan-Baluchestan, married women are not allowed to work or generate any form of income. Even when a married woman is allowed to work by her husband, she is viewed by the community as someone who is morally corrupt. Married women are forced to wear clothes that may not be comfortable. For example, in remote provinces of Iran, women are supposed to cover every part of their bodies when in public, regardless of the type of weather. You will find women covered in black robes and scarves, locally known as hijab. These are just but a few examples of how women are discriminated against in marriage in Iran.

The main reason why women are discriminated against in marriage in Iran is due to the fact that a very high percentage of the population is Muslim. Hence, they practice the Islamic laws which are included in the constitution. Another reason is the fact that many people live in very remote parts of Iran, where civilization is only heard of and is viewed as westernization. Some basic women’s rights are considered as cultures of people who have no faith whatsoever.

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This discrimination against married women has a lot of effects on women, society, the nation, and the whole world at large. For instance, married women are often physically injured due to the physical discipline handed to them by their spouses

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