submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Effectiveness of the Juvenile Incarceration.

My interview with the jail warden of one of the Michigan juvenile detention facilities revealed a clearer understanding of the effectiveness of the juvenile incarceration system.&nbsp. First and foremost, the warden revealed that it is important to implement a rehabilitation program for the juveniles while they are incarcerated.&nbsp. He revealed that juvenile incarceration is effective as a means of rehabilitating these youth offenders only if there is also a program during their incarceration which would prevent them from following the same patterns of criminal behavior after they are released from jail and even while they are still in jail.&nbsp. He further claims that implementing activities which the youth offenders can be involved in on a productive level helps keep these offenders busy and away from criminal elements.&nbsp.In an analysis by Day (p. 13), he establishes that a program which is focused more on identifying youth offenders who are at risk of being repeat offenders should be implemented to the juveniles while they are incarcerated.&nbsp. He points out that “there is substantial evidence base supporting the idea that programs which target those who are most likely to re-offend and focus on changing these factors are most likely to be effective” (Day, p. 13).&nbsp. It is therefore important to not just incarcerate juvenile offenders, but also to implement a program during their incarceration which would prevent them from becoming repeat offenders and from continuing this pattern of behavior on to their adult years.&nbsp. Day (p. 13) further states that it is important for rehabilitation programs to work with youth offenders, and not ‘manage’ them.&nbsp. There is a degree of detachment on the part of offenders when the rehabilitation programs work to manage and dictate on what these youth should or should not do.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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