submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Effects of Music and Media on American Culture and Society.

not only limited within the boundaries of culture, but the style of music from a different culture influences another culture, and in turn, create a new style of mixed music of different cultural perspectives. Hence, the present music today has influenced different cultures and had created an effect on society (White. Cross. “How Music Affects”).

The existence of music within the United States has played an important role in establishing the country’s different and unique culture. There are different kinds of music that have molded the American culture, and these are jazz, rock and roll, rap, folk music, and also popular music (Chappell). Accordingly, music served as a mind opener for different people of different ethnicity to draw upon a new set of principles and a change in the American culture of racism and discrimination. The different style of music from a different culture has created an impact to the culture in the United States, which has brought a new perspective in having a new interactive entertainment that has closed the gap among different ethnicities and enjoyed the essence of music. For example, white people can now enjoy listening or creating music that is in line with the African American style of music (Greene. Levine). Hence, music has created the modern American culture that gave importance to freedom of expression, individuality, talents, and respect in religious and ethnic diversities. However, music has not totally expunged within the American culture the negativity of hatred, racism, and Atheism (Luger. Stafford).

The presence of different kinds of music in the United States has been widely accepted by the American people in American society. In fact, with the growing acceptance of music within American society, many musicians, composers, and singers have emerged and created their style of music according to their preferred genres. The role of music has given the American society a tool for inspiration, amusement, and encouragement to utilize the musical abilities of the people. However, the effects of music in society have negated because of how it influences aggressive thoughts, feelings, and actions especially the portrayals of the artists in music videos. According to researches, the majority of members of the society who listen to music are young people, in which music plays a significant role in their teenage lives.&nbsp.

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