submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Future of Television in the Mass Communication World.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Future of Television in the Mass Communication World. In one year, television will look much like it does today, especially considering that high definition televisions and plasma screens are currently in their growth period in the product life cycle. They were only recently launched on the consumer marketplace, revolutionizing the shape and texture of television picture delivery. Technological changes, though rapid, will likely not alter the high-definition format used in new televisions or the flat screen picture which has become a common characteristic of new televisions on the market. In terms of aesthetics, in one-year television will remain consistent with its current market characteristics.

In one year’s time, social trends will likely not adjust too significantly, therefore the type of programming and the diverse program options will be much the same as today. Currently, reality-based programming is a hot social value, therefore these can be found commonly on network television stations. It is likely that reality-based programming will be a trend that is still noticeable in one year’s time period. Large-scale social changes do not generally take place in such a short period of time.

In five years, however, television will likely be considerably different in terms of both the features of the unit and the types of advertising and programming content being shown. Changes to the social landscape will have occurred, changing the variety of programs developed and launched on network channels. Today’s trend is reality-based and family-oriented television shows, however, in five years a new social mindset could launch a whole variety of animated programs (or other genres) to cater to the consumer attitude in 2014. It is likely that products will be advertised differently based on these changing social trends, therefore the content and message being expressed in product commercials will likely be different as well. As companies go through different competitive stages in this five year period, their positioning strategies and focus on product attributes will require a new message or format for delivery of promotions to changing consumer values.

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