submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Women and Politics in the US.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Women and Politics in the US. There has been a total of 39 women in the United States Senate since the establishment of the body in the year 1789. Women’s political journey in America began with the first starting in the year 1922. There have been some struggles in bringing women to the political front but now things are completely different from what it was. Today 17 of the 100 senators are women which stand evidence to the growing equality for women on the political front. It is the need of the hour as women have proved to be successful and have a great hold on the political front.

The article “The Domestication of Politics: Women and American Political Society” by Paula Baker brings out the true essence as to women’s sexuality, motherhood and also their mission. Women had limited social contact and most of their time was spent taking care of the household needs alone. There was a psychological belief that feminine and timid qualities are attributed to that of corruption rather than anything else. Women had identification only at home, family and then came community and it took them really a long while to come out of it and plunge into politics. As motherly characters, women had civilized thoughts and wanted to do good for the public which is one of the contributing factors. Mothers lacked interest in a personal gain in general which is a political advantage for women. It is proved that women have a better sense of mission and responsibility which is essential for a political career.

It becomes important to evaluate the stand of women in politics as it is the need of the hour and the gender difference which was in existence and is fading now is a thing to be taken seriously. Un-tapping of the skills and achievement of the women in politics is absolutely important as it gives a great boost to the entire political system of America that has fixed its political path at the same level so far. Women have come to be famous in all spheres of& including business and social affairs and it is high time for them to plunge into the political arena too in order to make things better for the nation as a whole.

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