submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Chemical Kinetics.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Chemical Kinetics. The chemical reaction rates were found through the assessment of the product or the reactant over a certain period of time. Irrespective of the reactant chosen in determining the rate, the outcome will always be similar. However, it is quite imperative to note the stoichiometric ratio for the components. For instance, assuming product A and Product B reacts as shown in the following formula.&nbsp. The reaction rate can be represented as a variable and function of each product and reactant as shown below

For every reactant, it was normally assumed that the concentration was decreasing, the moment the reaction occurred. For this reason, to prove the positivity in the rate, a negative value is used. On the other hand, the product’s concentration was on a rising trend when the reaction proceeded.&nbsp. The measurement of the reaction rate was done in various ways. This involved accurately measuring changes in the concentration as one reaction occurred simultaneously. The experiment utilized a visual change of the reactant’s color used. Therefore, since the visual indications are always in a subjective manner, we performed the experiment several. Additionally, the change in color indicated that the reactant’s concentration reached zero, therefore, the experiment measured the mean reaction rate for the whole process. The rate law of the reaction described the relationship of the reaction rates to the reaction of the reactants. Using a similar generic reaction, the rate law used the following formula

From the model, k represented the rate constant for the experiment, while y and x represented the reaction order for B and A respectively. The experiment did not acknowledge x and y are stoichiometric coefficients from a and b (Mathews, Van Holde, and Ahern, 765). The reaction order value was determined with the help of the experiment. The group did not use the balanced chemical equation to find one. The reaction orders were determined with the help of the initial rates method, where the experiment was conducted varying the reactant’s concentration while maintaining others. In the reaction time, the resultant change was used to find out the rate order for the reactant.

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