submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Developing coaching and mentoring within organisations.

To achieve the above objective the report follows the chartered institute of personnel and development (CIPD) assessment activity. Five different models of coaching and mentoring were evaluated. Models assessed include. Boyatzis, iceberg, 5Rsdiagram, RAM model, and wheels of good practices.

Richard Boyatzis’ model is based on a formula that he had developed that involved the intention to change stage to a long lasting behavioural change. According to Boyatzis (2008) an individual can achieve sustainable change only if he envisions the ideal self. In fact, the Boyatzis Model necessitates an honest assessment of oneself if it is to prove effective within the organization. This model transforms the behaviour of the individual

The above model by Boyatzis has many strengths such as giving individuals a sense of direction and responsibility, developing their skills, abilities and capabilities, helps them conceptualize things and become more proactive and self – confident about their work. The weaknesses, though few, depends upon the individuals themselves. These include, the background they come from, the language they speak, their ability to converse and move with other individuals of different backgrounds, their beliefs and customs etc.

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Sigmund Freud’s ‘Iceberg Model’ depicts three levels of human consciousness, where the unconscious mind is the biggest part, but it is repressed. According to Freud, this repressed or hidden part, it is most influential. The second part is the mid section that is influenced to a certain extent by the brain. The third part is the conscious portion that we make use of o a daily basis and this is the portion responsible for all our thoughts and actions. In Freud’s opinion, all our thoughts and actions are influenced by the hidden unconscious mind.

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