submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Design and Construction of Motorway Project Required Bulk Continuous Excavation.

The regulations came into force following a European Union directive commonly referred to as, the construction sites directive. These regulations seek to involve engineering project managers in implementing health and safety regulations within the constructing projects. Through the utilization of these regulations, project managers could ensure that safety and health applications remain present throughout the engineering project implementation period. While engineering projects remain essential for the development of the country, the impacts of the implementation process for these projects could be catastrophic. The reduction of imminent risks within the projects remains essential for the safe implementation of the entire project (Bailey, 2002).

Through identification of the imminent risks, the contractors could essentially implement safety operation processes, significantly reducing safety concerns during construction. This report seeks to identify the imminent hazards for contractors during construction and workers after project completion. The project engineers could utilize the proposals contained in this report in ensuring safety for individuals involved in the project.

This project involves the construction of a motorway seeking to replace the existing M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The project shall involve numerous and continuous excavation processes within the lifetime of construction. The excavation process involves the production of massive amounts of dust, which becomes a potential health hazard for individuals living within the vicinity, and the people working on the project. The process of excavating materials within the construction site comes at the center of the project. Through excavation, the engineers could achieve a significant level of project implementation. Designing the site into the required form shall involve a continuous bulk excavation process.

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The proposed route for the motorway passes through Greenfield and Brownfield land, which continue to be associated with the mining of different minerals. These areas have numerous deposits of coal and steel minerals.&nbsp.

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