submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Role of Globalization in International Terrorism.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Role of Globalization in International Terrorism. Individuals and groups beyond the state have gained the power to influence the political outcomes of the said state. Such influence has been particularly made possible by the proliferation of international media which disseminates information the world over. Accordingly, states have been forced to change their behavior so as to adhere to the standards set by various international actors in as far as political actions are concerned. Evils such as international crime, intrusive technologies, and ill-meant political revolutions have taken part in states which have failed to assert their sovereign authority from being too overwhelmed by globalization.

On the economic front, globalization has forced states to integrate their financial markets with those of other states so as to keep up with developments in world economies (Mingst & Arreguin-Toft 333). In particular, multinational corporations have invaded the financial markets of individual states, taking over the production and consumption of goods and services. As such, states have been forced to give up most of the control they have over their economic policies and allow other international actors to dictate some of these policies.

In terms of culture, globalization has led to the spread of different cultures across the world as people from different backgrounds are able to access the cultures of others. The media has played the most important role in the globalization of culture. Essentially, the media has ensured that people are able to access the same music, cinemas, and other cultural aspects without having to physically move to other places. People from different parts of the world are able to access different cultures outside their own and this has led to the homogenization of cultures.

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Fundamentally, prior to the onset of globalization, international relations were characterized by the sovereignty of states in as far as the control of their political, economic, and cultural policies were concerned.

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