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From the top-down design methodology, the design begins from the top assuming that the resources are globally accessible by every subcomponent of the defined system, just like in the centralized case. Specifications are then defined using the global systems states and imply that every individual component is able to estimate or retrieve, accurately, and usually within reasonable time delay. Under the stated conditions, the properties or characteristics of a classical centralized solution to the defined global specification are anticipated to hold, usually up to some tolerable or allowable performance degradation. this also true in the decentralized environment.

The system realizes focused or full utilization of functionality emanating from the individual subsystems. The first system implementation is the showcase for the identity engineering design solution. When phases are completed for the control system, there is a complex and more mature implementation of the functional control system solution. The operation of the system is not initially impacted severely as compared to the bottom-up approach. The top-down design guarantees the systems’ analyst in ascertaining the overall functional objectives of the control system, and show they are met in the overall system. This ensures that there is no chaos that appears when the system is designed “all at once”. The capability of employing separate systems analysis or design teams performing their duties in parallel on different related subsystems ensures fast system implementation. and also ensures that there is no loss of sight in the system goals due to lengthy details (Hurst, 2012).

building large and complex systems. Complex machines and systems benefit from the top-down approach since it allows the breaking down of the project’s goals units or smaller problems for easy solutions.

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A linear actuator is an actuator that gives a straight-line motion. The ball screw linear actuator consists of the threaded shaft known as the drive screw or leadscrew that is rotated using an electric motor (Hurst, 2012).

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