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. al Affiliation Families Partnership Portfolio Rubric ECED 2340 nayce associate degree standards Career focus, child care specialist

Summary Page

The written sources were collected from all the aspects of life ranging from the political and leadership angle, social setup and of less importance is the economic bit which should be considered in seeing the development coming to pass the. In his book in political management Kim James states that education is vital in seeing the effectiveness of the leadership platform. For there to exist a sense of partnership between the family and the outside world there must be good correlation between these two units which affects almost each individual

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Family goals

The family is looking forward to seeing that each individual member is having a good command of the educational acquaintance and polishing their academic satisfaction, apart from the education

Communication in the family

The family is mending all the loopholes in making its communication networks reachable and uniting the people. To ensure all these happens the electronic portable gadgets which can enable mobility of both the partners.

Family involvement

Partnership can not happen when there is no fundamental involvement from the stakeholders, the family members and the public in general

Family resources

The resources for the family include both the basic and the secondary needs of the family. This can be reinforced by a strong financial base

Community agencies

Military counseling services which touches on the installation of the chaplaincy with regard to the care to the families especially the teenagers

National Council on Independent Living this is a vocational rehabilitation centre with the resources in helping the needy children in the society

State Resources for Children&nbsp.with Special Health Care Needs this solely focuses on the help emanating from the state it does no focus only on the English speaking countries but on the global arena

Works cited

Brodsky, Dara, and Mary A. Ouellette. Primary Care of the Premature Infant. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier Saunders, 2007. Print.

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