submit a 500 words paper on the topic PR campaign. While looking at the structure of the PR campaign, one of the first aspects to consider is the process of globalization.

Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic PR campaign. While looking at the structure of the PR campaign, one of the first aspects to consider is the process of globalization. We would need to be sure to consider the different cultures and ideals of all of our different countries we intend to send products to. Some countries may have different ideas and needs, and some countries may have certain policies against or working for our products. We also would need to make sure to keep into consideration if we have any competing products in different markets, as well as the ethical considerations of working with different cultures and different markets. Riordan being an international company deals with customers from all corners of the world.

Riordan Manufacturing must ensure that it has solved any international ethical issues that might be different in different parts of the world. Since Riordan is an international company, Riordan must be aware that it needs to safeguard the customer’s confidential information, and to address this issue based on the different customer’s world wide. The company must assure their customers that their confidential information or data, such as medical information, does not get to the media, or fall into any other wrong hands, online, or offline. This fear on the side of their customer might result to most of their customers withdrawing from their organization, which would have a negative impact on the company as a whole.

We as a company also need to be sympathetic to the various needs of different members of the global community, and how some markets and people will feel differently about our product. We will need to place agents in each of our key markets in order to help better get to know the people, and run surveys to help us run an efficient campaign add that will connect with people of the different cultures. For instance, what campaign may work well in one country may be slightly offensive or not work well at all in another country.

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Planning events would also help integrate the company into another society. Event planning can generate publicity, strengthen positive relationships, and recognize services and achievements (Kent, 2007). Special events consist of seminars, athletic events, award presentations, festivals and trade shows. Such events can introduce Riordan Manufacturing to local communities and display what the company has to offer.

We also need to take into consideration language barriers, and how we will hire and train people to work in our different markets. We need to make sure we have people who know the language and the lay of the area and country as well.

Riordan is an employee and consumer focused organization with long term goals of staying in business, and thus translation issues will affect marketing. We need to make sure this issue is properly addressed and addressed well.

Public relations play an important role in our organization since it enhances communication between public and the organization for the sake of building a sustainable positive image. If however, something happens that would lead to a negative image for the company, we must be prepared and ready if such a disaster is to happen. We need to be sure to have a combat plan in case of negative images becoming to often.

We also need a crisis management plan in case anything else goes wrong, in any areas of the company. Such a team would need to be put together that could handle almost any emergency, be it in public relations, globalization, or any other parts of the company that needs help. A skilled team would need to be hired, and possibly trained to ensure they would be able to handle any problems that may arise during the length of this company. We also would need to make sure this team can be trained at the lowest possible cost to the company, however, not sacrificing the efficiency of the team.

Also in the event of any crisis, a press conference may be held to correct misunderstanding, reply to criticism, and remove any disaffection that may exist among community neighbors (Seitel, 2004). Press conferences can help to gain favor in public opinions and inform the community of Riordan’s operations, as well as help reform the community’s opinion, if it has been damaged. Providing honest information throughout the community aids in the success of Riordan Manufacturing in its campaign attempts.

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