to write an article on analysis of the book the diving bell and the butterfly Paper must be at least 1000 words

Bauby’s illness made him unconscious for two weeks and later woke up with a paralysis that left only his left eye working. Jean-Dominique elaborates practical vision based on ordinary experiences magnified in words. The playwright reveals a significant environment of the changing modern literature through the characters.

Miraculously, Dauby was able to communicate with his left eye by blinking to dictate his words at a time, selecting letters as the alphabets were recited to him over and again to make a sentence (Bauby 36). Through these efforts, Bauby was able to compose a book, diving bell and the butterfly. Bauby’s paralysis condition known as locked- in syndrome is a rare condition, which, the patient’s minds are active, but their body parts are immobile. Bauby experienced an immense stroke, in the result of which the injury of the brain took place where the anterior part of the pons was injured. The events of the narration technique focus more on past memories that generate a concrete relationship between the audience and the characters. The book The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a reflective context that analyses the contemporary society through practical vision based on a playwright’s perception.

Bauby had two children and never married their mother his character signifying his way of being independent and selfish. Given the character, it was easy for Bauby to fall apart. Conversely, his condition proved him as a person strong and a persistence personality. His condition gave him motivation and time to reflect on his life and the people around him hence he did not quit. There was not a time in life, Dauby wrote about suicide considering his condition, and that proved his positive perception towards life. Bauby’s optimism towards life shows how people can withstand hardships and still thinks of the benefits (Borgo and Will 100).

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