to write an article on translating project management knowledge to project programs Paper must be at least 3750 words.

Project managers have to find ways by which they can manage this knowledge that is in the hands of their employees. They should come up with ways that this knowledge is focused on the enhancement of the project. Management of knowledge to help it in the reasoning processes and making an important decision in an organization is called knowledge management. For knowledge to be effectively managed in an organization, special tools must be employed to do this. The knowledge base is a special kind of database for knowledge management (Jacobsson, 2011). During knowledge management, data is collected, then into information, shared, then easily searched and used. For data to be more reasonable to an organization, it requires to be converted to a better version for the organization. When data is well organized and utilized, it can enable an organization to make good future decisions affecting the organization. As an organization transforms data to wisdom, understanding also increases. now data is well organized and can be used directly by an Organization in decision making. The organization processes, policies, and procedures are clearer, more complete, more correct and more concise when data is organized.

There is an increase in the levels of innovation. A lot of new products and services are offered to consumers in the market. Project managers must understand this and employ strategies that make innovation a core factor of their businesses (Clarke, 2010). Innovation enables the projects to be what is desirable to users and come up with what is convenient for them.

Marketing should be given a key role in any project. Without effective marketing, the details of the project remain within the team. This does not add any value to the team.

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