Watch the 2021 WFAA investigation, “Banking Below 30” Title: “Banking below 30: Banks own many of Dallas’ high-crime apartments and they’re rewarded for it” Duration: 43:25 YouTube URL: http://www.yo2022-07-01 Answers

Watch the 2021 WFAA investigation, “Banking Below 30” Title: “Banking below 30: Banks own many of Dallas’ high-crime apartments and they’re rewarded for it”Duration: 43:25 YouTube URL: Questions: Briefly explain what did the WFAA investigation reveal, and was the information surprising? Research and explain the impact of historic redlining policies. What is the impact of these policies on communities over generations?There are a lot of peer-reviewed articles on this topic.You are required to cite at least one peer-reviewed source using the Dallas College database; however everyone is encouraged to use more. Explain what individuals and different levels of governments can do to make sure housing, banking, education or other areas of society are fairer for everyone?Guidelines:Submission must be at least 2 pages long, * Times New Roman or Arial, 12-point font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around. (Page count does not include title or works cited pages) At least one peer-reviewed article that is published no later than 2011and is at least five pages in length.Peer-reviewed article can ONLY be searched for on the Dallas College Library Database – Academic Search Complete.Do not search for Peer-reviewed articles on Google or anywhere else online. Do not use first person tone. Stick to thrid person. 

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