What Global STEMtopics should we do for our project? You must spend time searching/researching the internet/libraryaboutone of the recommended topics. Minorities in STEM Fields

Women as Business Magnates
A. Capture reader’s interest: Everyone knows business magnates like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates,
but where are the women whose names are synonymous with power in business?
B. Build case through logic
C. Topic sentence/thesis statement: why are women not taking risks to become business
magnates as much as men are? What is holding them back and what can we do to support or
foster an environment that invites women into risk taking?
First main point (strongest):
A. Book (Taking Smart Risks)
1. Studies about women and men taking high risk
2. Why do we only notice men taking risk?
B. Women can be just as daring and risk-taking as men
1. Type of risks women typically make
2. How often do women take high risks compared to men?
C. Why are women not seen as risk takers?
1. Background (family)
2. Color of their skin
Minorities as business magnates: Oprah, Sofia Vergara, Carla Harris
Second main point (second strongest)
A. How successful are women who take risk?
1. “What’s holding women back?”
2. Why don’t men hold back
B. Why Female Entrepreneurs Need to Take More Risks
1. Because men don’t know what women like
2. Women need to be confident and prove themselves
Third main point (weakest):
A. Having more women as business tycoons can improve the social dogma of women in
1. https://www.aauw.org/research/barriers-and-bias/
2. Our legislators are mostly white males and they are not representative of the population
in our country. More women in power could lead to better representation in society and
in lawmaking.
B. Women in powerful positions can inspire younger generations of females to aspire to
be in that position.
1. https://girlup.org/first-lady-michelle-obama-inspires-young-female-activists-girl-leade
2. http://people.com/human-interest/oprah-winfrey-people-25-women-changing-the-wo
C. Having more women as business tycoons can have a normalizing effect for women in
STEM fields.
1. https://ourworld.unu.edu/en/everyone-benefits-from-more-women-in-power
2. It’s not about women against men, but about women helping make policies that aid
families, women, and children in general.
A. Restate topic
B. Summarize three main points
C. Revisit introduction or tie all ideas togethe

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