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Citizen journalists who are interested to share their views about politics but do not have the qualification to write in newspapers could successfully establish them on these social networking websites as a large audience is present to read their opinion.

Social media have given a platform to ordinary people to share their opinions publicly. As a result, every single event or news holds different opinions and analysis from different people that create iteration. The iteration leads viewers to be unable to find the correct source of information, and they lose faith in the traditional platforms. Many publishers are interested in publishing more about an interesting contribution of some amateur from social media. It does not mean that the sources have improved journalism, and the material it contains is reliable but the case seems to be the opposite. It is also referred to as a crisis in the journalism profession (Turner, 2010).

Politics in social media or the Internet has highlighted and discussed many of the events and issues: lawlessness, gender, religion, traditions, and technological determinism are few examples. Sometimes people discuss encrypted events of politics on social media that could aid terrorists to use the encrypted data to harm the nation. US government looks for these kinds of data to remove from the domain in order to secure the nation. But the embarrassing thing is that the danger to people is always been much worse from this state itself compared to the alleged terrorist. Many citizens have been abused improperly by the violation of their common or civil rights and much worse by the government than the terrorists (Poster, 1997).

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Internet journalism has become a platform that links to news and content from different sources. The cost of sharing news has almost disappeared, and the government is no longer considered the gatekeeper to the news. It is considered that watching it in digital can only experience the true and actual event or Internet media as the traditional news media cannot deliver this. People are more interested in watching the news in real and then sharing it on social media and message boards.

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