Write 17 pages thesis on the topic importance of mobile applications in airline industry.

With the help of using different mobile applications such as QLOUD and Knowledge-driven In-flight Solution (KIS), it is easy to access distinct sorts of information anytime and anywhere (Ravichandran, 2011). In earlier times, the mobile applications were used in a modest way. however, these have been progressed in this modern-day context providing advanced facilities to the people. Mobile applications can be defined as software or programs that are used in mobile devices (Islam, Islam & Mazumder, 2015).

The airline industry generally uses the above stated mobile technologies or mobile applications amongst others to enhance the service processes and also offering the best services to the passengers. In this modern-day context, the global airline industry is identified to use mobile applications for deriving cost-effective solutions in their respective operational functions. It can be apparently observed that the worldwide airline industry has changed with significant improvements made in the respective business processes by using mobile technology. These improvements could be reckoned as developing the facility of the electronic ticket and introducing the system of online check-in. By using mobile applications, it can be inferred that the airline industry is able to ensure providing better and quality services to the customers with having greater control over costs to be incurred during the process (NIIT, 2012).

There are several airline based companies that have become much popular for providing quality services to users by the use of distinct mobile applications. In this regard, such airline companies include Qatar Airways, Emirates Airways, British Airways and United Airlines. These four popular airline companies use different mobile applications including QLOUD, KIS, electronic or wireless bag tag and Travelcard and Travel wallet. These mobile apps have been taken into concern for discussion while comparing the same amid&nbsp.the aforesaid airline companies owing to the reason that these apps enhance their respective operational works and satisfy the demands of the passengers by offering them with the desired services.

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