Write 2 pages thesis on the topic noise control; radon; uv-radiation (case) module 5.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic noise control; radon; uv-radiation (case) module 5. Noise pollution Noise pollution has always been a major topic up for discussion in a contemporary society. Innovation in technology and in industries has been a contributing factor in the case of noise pollution. With newer technology offering louder music systems targeting nightclubs as their major customers, numbers for noise pollutions are increasing rapidly especially in modern society. People are subjected to a plethora of noises for example. appliances, motor vehicles, air jets etc in their daily lives. These noises are tolerable and have now become a part of normal human life but noises emitted by night clubs are not only disturbing long term exposure to loud music can lead to permanent damage to individual’s hearing (EPA, 2011).

Public health effects

Long-term exposure to noises like that coming from nightclubs can cause major disorders such as NIHL (A condition in which the tiny hairs in ears are damaged, which then results in hearing loss, these tiny hairs once damaged cannot be repaired and cannot be replaced). In nightclubs the music is so loud that it causes the floor to shake and causes stiffness in the chests of people in the vicinity (“Noise pollution |,” 2011). The music there if measured in decibels (units for measuring sound) reaches around 125, which is equivalent to a firearm being discharged. Being exposed to sharp and loud noises can cause some real damage to the auditory nerve, which can lead to permanent deafness it may also be accompanied by ringing, buzzing and also roaring in the head. Noise pollution can also have negative effects work and school lives.

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Restrictions for a night Club

There is a strict restriction over night club near to residential blocks. Sounds that endanger the auditory nerve are strictly prohibited in the nightclubs. Moreover, a complaint from residential living near a night club producing high noise can shut it down.

Radon Gas

Radon is a noble gas. It is produced after the break down of uranium and thorium. It is also one of the densest substances that remain in gaseous form at room temperatures. Another special property of Radon is that it has radioactive isotopes, which emit high levels of radiations and are considered found to be very harmful for human health and are suspected to cause various diseases including cancer

Radiations emitted by Radon

For a long time it has been established that there is a link between exposure to radioactive waves and the growth of cancerous cells in the human body .The most common type of cancer that is linked with exposure to Radon gas is perhaps lung cancer, which until very recently was thought of as a primary type of cancer developed within the bodies of smokers and people with unhealthy lifestyles. Now studies have shown that people who live in an area where radon gas is not properly regulated are just as likely to suffer from lung cancer as smokers (“San francisco department,”).

Radon exposed houses

So, no risks should be taken whilst trying to buy a new house in an area where radon gas is not properly regulated. The best way to do this is for the avoidance of such areas and reporting of such non-regulation treatment of Radon gas. If you are already living in a an area where radon gas is unregulated and not properly treated it is suggested that you either move or to contact the closest government appointed authority figure such as the Head of the Sanitation Department of that area or your Governor. Before anything else health and safety should be a person’s primary concern and we owe it to the future generations to come, to leave them a healthy environment where they can flourish, thrive and grow up without any danger to their health.


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