Write 2 pages with APA style on Introduction of my self.

First Institute Cover letter Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to apply for the vacant post in Special Assets Management with SCFirst Bank, for which my candidature is most suitable based on my learning and experience. For this reason, I would like to provide a brief background about myself. In pursuit of my dream of studying overseas, I left home at the age of thirteen and began my journey towards achieving my dream. With much apprehension and insecurity, I entered the foreign land. Eventually, I changed my view and adopted an attitude of learning by getting accustomed to new ethnicity and culture. As the first step towards this new learning, I decided to learn English, and so opted English as my second language in my academics. English being a commonly understood language proved extremely beneficial for me in this foreign land as it helped in earning many friends that belonged to various ethnic groups and cultures both in Korea and the United States. English also helped me in improving my conversational skills and in increasing my social network, which further enhanced my confidence and strengthened my personality. This confidence helped me in passing out matriculation from Pennsylvania State University.

Inspired by my father, who is the CEO of Bellastone Resort, I developed keen interest in economics and business from the beginning. Because of this inspiration and interest, I opted for economics as my major in my academics. Studying economics further strengthened my curiosity for world economics and financial issues affecting the world. Though I earned a green card in the United States, I chose to join Korean armed forces, which boosted my inner strength to a great extent. My key role in the Korean military forces was to translate general administrative documents from Korean to English. During this time, I also learnt various aspects of Korean culture, which included maintenance of relationships between superiors and subordinates. Though I had only two years of experience in the military services, I was able to adapt to the Korean life style and also revert to the American life style shortly thereafter.

I realized that my biggest strength was to build good interpersonal relationships owing to ten years of experience in multicultural settings and dealing with people of all age groups. This experience not only helped in learning about different ethnicities and cultures, it also rid me off all possible biases towards specific ethnic or age groups. My openness and positive attitude helps in accepting people with different thinking and values, thereby building good relationship. Learning related to Korean and American cultures and associated experience has given me the confidence that I can empathize with people from various backgrounds, cultures and life styles as well as adapt to any culture or circumstance that I may come across.

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I also possess great self confidence and adaptability, and prepared to face all challenges that life may pose. My motto is, “If you cannot adapt, you cannot survive in the society.” My experience as an international student and in the military forces has given me the confidence that I can overcome all obstacles that may surface in due course of life and work. I strongly believe that this opportunity at SC First Bank would be an ideal start to my desired career and area of interest. This will allow me to develop expertise and contribute the best of what I have learnt and will continue to learn on a day-to-day basis. To take my interests in economics and business to the next level, I feel this opportunity in Special Asset Management will be ideal for my career pursuit. I am thrilled by the idea of working with and learning from knowledgeable superiors associated with such a renowned firm. I, hereby, look forward to gaining this opportunity, which will help both in achieving my career aspirations as well as creating value to the organization through my uncompromising efforts.


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