Write 2 pages with APA style on The problem of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children. The problem of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children

Write 2 pages with APA style on The problem of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children. The problem of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children

In the past decade, the problem of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children has gradually escalated reaching its peak in the course of last year with over 47,000 unaccompanied children being apprehended near boarder points. This has resulted in a barrage of political issues with the country divided between those who think these children should be sent back and the boarders made more secure. In addition, those believing that many of them are actually refugees and deserving of asylum and should be granted fair hearing and have their rights accorded to them.

Conversation surrounding this unaccompanied immigrant children has been polarized politically, as the opposition appears intent on laying the blame at the president and government’s claiming that they are not doing enough to secure the nation from intrusion (The Editorial Board). While the government may or may not agree with this sentiments their primary concern at the moment is how to address the situation at hand and try to solve the problem without endangering the lives of the vulnerable minors. One of the issues that has been subject to incessant opposition from the republican side is the fact that many of these children have to be tried and provided with lawyers which comes at a cost to the government. However, others argue that the cost of keeping the minors in detention is far greater than that of providing them with legal representation. Attempts by the state to have unaccompanied and unregistered minors to access and education have been frequently opposed by the opposition, but on the large those released in the custody of the relatives in the US can access it.

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Both sides are justified in their different positions on the matter, despite the opponents appearing uncaring its worth noting that these children will likely lead a life of poverty and as young adults will be likely to engage in criminal activities in the US. Besides, there is no way of knowing why there really come to the US and some of them may well be juvenile delinquents (You Hot News). Nevertheless, the government has a responsibility for all those who enter its boarders. thus, children deserving of refugee or asylum should be granted the same without irrespective of the circumstances under which the entered the US.

Ultimately, it is inevitable that there are serious challenges underpinning the immigration issue, but they are best solved by collective action objectively addressing the concerns of both sides. This means that the US government needs to take a wider view of the problem and co-corporate with the governments from which the immigrants escape solve their insecurity and gang problems. The efforts and money spent by the government in the process will be recovered by the subsequent reduction in the social and legal problems posed by refugees. On the other hand, the boarder should indeed be made less porous and this can only be achieved by deploying more security at the personnel. In this way, the US will not have a moral obligation to address the challenge of children who often undergo inhuman conditions to get into the US including exposing themselves to human rights abuse.

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