Write 4 pages thesis on the topic evolution of health care information systems.

This paper outlines that the use of health care information systems in United States has changed considerably during last twenty years. U.S. health organizations have modernized most of their health facilities in order to improve service delivery. A great deal of investments has been made in implementation of the information systems that are applied in clinical operations. In an effort to improve service delivery and decrease costs, health organizations have adopted computerized systems such as Electronic Medical Record systems. In the past, before the development of the EMR, health organizations used paper based record systems. At the time, half of the patient’s information was computerized and stored as computer printouts.

From this study it is clear that the automated systems were used as primary source for analyzing patients’ information by the physicians or the clinicians. This contrasts sharply with the modern Electronic Medical Recording systems which are used as passive storage devices in many health organizations. Using this system enables physicians to access knowledge resources, reminders and alerts. Health professionals can use the system in decision making due to the fact that it enables them to access the decision support capabilities. Most of the health facilities present in the health centers could not be used to manage the patient health effectively. With the introduction of the electronic system, clinicians and physician have used the system to manage health of patients. The health facilities in the past could not provide the physician with comprehensive view of the patient’s health. Even though there is sharp contrast between health care facilities in the past and at the present, there exist some similarities. Medical records kept whichever the system is used, is very useful for documenting patient care.&nbsp.

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