Write 4 pages thesis on the topic research paper. The factors that affect forestry and the significance of forests will be discussed in this paper.

This paper will also tackle the different types of forests.

Forests are mostly dominated by trees amongst other plants. Some of the plants are tall and others are short. Most of the plants have features that help them adapt to the several conditions that are presented in the different types of forests (Green). Forests have sufficient amount of water. A majority of the forests receive sufficient amounts of rain that help in the growth of the plants and support the animals that live in the forests (Green). The rain water forms ponds and streams.

Forests offer great biodiversity due to the fact that it acts as a habitat to many habitants. The forest has several foods and shelters that support the habitants that reside in the various forests (Green).Forest canopy is a characteristic that is found in different forests (Green). The canopy differs in the different types of forests due to the fact that the nutrients found in forests differ.

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Tropical forests are densely populated and are found near the equator. In this type of forests winter is not present and the temperatures are normally between 68 and 77 degrees. These forests receive mostly receive 100 inches of rain in a year. The soils found in the tropical forests are very poor due to the high levels of rain and warm temperature. The plants that grow in these types of forests are normally broad-leafed and the trees are normally very tall. Due to the huge density of the trees the sun doesn’t reach the lower levels of the forest. This forces the animals that live in these forests to adapt to living in the trees (Green).

These forests are normally found in eastern North America, northeastern Asia, parts of Russia, China, Japan, Western Europe and Eastern Europe. The trees that are found in these forests are normally deciduous and coniferous evergreen trees.

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