Write 4 pages with APA style on The Effect of Faculty Mentoring on the Retention of first generation college students.

Write 4 pages with APA style on The Effect of Faculty Mentoring on the Retention of first generation college students. Thereafter, in the second semester, the teachers resort to usual mentoring practices, and the variation in the above factors are recorded both quantitatively and qualitatively. Population sample As is evident, MNC is a Hispanic majority (95%) institution with only 2% Blacks and 1% Whites. In addition, the age of the students range from 18 to 24 years. For the purpose of this study, 30 first generation students and 30 non-first generation first year students will be selected who will be divided into four 15 member groups. that is, a group with Hispanic and Black first generation students, a group with White first generation students, one group of White non-first generation students, and the last groups with Hispanic and Black non-first generation students. In addition, 5 teachers will be selected to self-report their ideas and observations on mentoring and student retention over the period of this study. The teachers will be given explicit guidelines on what activities and approaches should the students be deprived of in the first semester and be provided in the second semester. Collecting GPA In the first semester of the study, the students’ GPA will be collected in all four groups after depriving them of any mentoring. In the second semester, the teachers will start mentoring activities like student support, seminars, advices, and counseling, and then, the students’ GPA is recorded at the end of the semester. Questionnaire This study also intends to use a questionnaire among the students that will show the students’ own reflection on their experience in both the semesters. The questions asked will be as follows: (a) Do you feel a variation in your confidence level after you joined MNC? (b) Do you think the improvement took place in the first or second semester? (c) Is the improvement in confidence and performance because of mentoring? (d) Do you think the teacher mentoring is effective? (e) Do you wish to re-enroll for the next semester? In addition, there will be a separate questionnaire for teachers to fill at the beginning and end of each semester. The questions will be as follows: (a) What activities did you perform in the last semester for mentoring? (b) Do you feel there is a rise in the confidence level and academic performance of students? (c) Is there an observable rise or fall in student re-enrollment due to mentoring or non-mentoring? Interview with students At the beginning and end of each semester, there will be a face-to-face interview with the selected students from all four groups.

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