Write 4 pages with APA style on The University of Pennsylvania.

Write 4 pages with APA style on The University of Pennsylvania. I also respect the University of Pennsylvania’s philosophy in education which is concerned with the preparation of dental students in many roles of dental practitioners such as. “scientist, clinician, artist, teacher, engineer, and business manager.” I believe this philosophy will allow me to receive an all encompassing education in dentistry which will provide me with the background needed to succeed in dentistry and achieve my goals as a health professional. The wide network of the institution reflects its commitment to reach and provide a quality health care to the surrounding community at large as well as provide an opportunity to the students to be compassionate with the patients, develop leadership skills and professionalism while at the same time building up creativity and love in a just way. It serves as a center for training students to become outstanding dentists who can influence the community with goodwill, passion and commitment.

The institution also embraces and encourages an environment of discovery and promotes a global view of dentistry which is increasingly important for dental practitioners. Since the 21st century, there have been various technical developments in every field and the dentistry field has also benefitted from this advancement in technology. The students at this institution are given the opportunity of doing research and the results of various researches have helped America to be a force to reckon with in giving good oral health to its citizens.

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