Write 5 pages thesis on the topic conformity and deviance theories of sociology in the comedy named go.

The idea of deviance is complicated since norms vary considerably across times, groups, and places. This is to say, what one group may consider acceptable. another may consider deviant. Conforming behavior is one which obeys the rule, and others recognize as following the rule. In other words, the good behaviors that are considered in a societal setup. The issues of deviance versus conformity are essential in understanding the individual behavior and how the society operates. It becomes relevant whenever an individual must decide between doing and not doing the expectation of the society. There are hence various theories that are tied to the theories of conformity and deviance such as social control, conflict theory, and labeling theory. These are the theories that give the behaviors of various characters in the film “Go “. The comedy film “Go” told from three perspectives, it is a comedy of a group of young Californians trying to obtain some cash, deal and do some drugs, score money and sex in Las Vegas, and mostly experience the rush of life. Go comedy film is set generally during one Christmas Eve in the view and lives of a bunch of young adults on the scenarios surrounding a drug deal and engagements in Los Angeles repeated three various times from three different opinions. In narrowing down to the deviance theory, labeling theory is the theory that can help explain individual’s behavior in a social set up. Labeling theory, according to Becker shows how the behavior and self-identity of individuals may be influenced or determined by the terms used to classify or describe them.

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