Write 5 pages thesis on the topic effects of urbanization in the united states.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic effects of urbanization in the united states. Population increases leading to mass transit systems and a wide variety of employment locations represent the contemporary urban landscape. However, when urbanization occurs, the development of commercial and residential projects (amongst countless others) can alter the landscape in a variety of ways. This paper identifies both the human-related outcomes of urbanization and the impact of such development on the external environment.

Kocak and Carroll (2008) offer that when areas of the country experience high population levels, church attendance and religious devotion tend to increase. This is likely because as population levels increase, community issues become more and more prevalent such as the increase in criminal behavior and incidents of poverty and homelessness. This is supported by Henslin (2003) who offers that urban regions maintain the most measurable crime statistics. With this having been offered, the church provides a forum in which community members can work together to combat criminal behaviors and secure the plight of the impoverished, allowing the church to act as a medium for better community relations and community improvements.

Though the aforementioned effect of urbanization involves the church, the research does tend to point toward higher levels of community and citizen respect being borne of urban development. Higher concentrations of population would likely create a situation in which people are drawn together, based on theories of human psychology and the motivation to interact socially. This would provide opportunities to discuss community-related issues and work, as a diverse community, to solve these issues. In essence, urbanization simply creates a forum by which community members can establish positive relationships and discuss improvements to the urban region and the human condition.

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From another human perspective, urbanization also increases the frequency by which individuals change job careers.

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