Write 5 pages thesis on the topic enjoyment of music.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic enjoyment of music. Pitch in music requires control. It can be high or low but it is what creates music in the first place. If not controlled, a singer becomes pitchy and the essence of the pitch in music is lost. This is similar in psychology. Emotions are only meaningful when they are controlled. Emotional stability is one of the key factors that any psychologist would advise their patients to have. Lack of emotional control like in pitch is hazardous. It leaves the person vulnerable when they are on the lower or higher side. Emotions just like pitch control how a person will behave. Pitch in music controls how the music will sound even without the incorporation of other elements such as beat. Like pitch in music, it is important to have control over our emotions and to ensure that we do not get pitchy.

Rhythm in music is the beat that is brought about in a song. Mostly, the rhythm of a song is what gives it a genre. It is classical or rock or jazz because of first the rhythm among other musical elements. Just like the pulse creates a rhythm which more so determines genre, a person’s intellect psychologically creates their personality. We behave the way we do because of our intellects. Our personalities are determined by how our intellects are. When geniuses are compared to people with low IQ, their personalities vary widely because the intellect in each is different. So it is with music, the beat is different and it creates different kinds of song genres.

Musical behaviors such as dancing, singing along, crying, getting high spirits is characteristic in different genres. Musical behaviors are a translation of emotional behaviors in psychology. People will act or react how they do because of the emotion they experience. It is also because of emotion that people are either high spirited or low. It is emotions that dictate the state of enjoyment of life in an individual. Musical behaviors are the interpretation of emotional reactions in human beings.

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