Write 5 pages thesis on the topic free individuals and rights.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic free individuals and rights. Mill singles out three facets of individual freedom: freedom of thought, feeling, opinion and expression. freedom of choice and the pursuit of life goals and self-ordering of personal destiny. freedom of association with other individuals (Mill 1963). Mill pays special attention to freedom of thought and speech. The society in which there is an opportunity to discuss ideas without obstacles is the only suitable society for a free individual. In the interpretation of individual freedom Mill deflected from the utilitarianism of his spiritual mentors. He did not mind the social utility of freedom, but the main quality of individuals’ freedom for him was the self-worth of that freedom. Freedom is the proper condition for the existence of a moral, responsible person. To live one’s own life, develop one’s own innate abilities – according to the Mill’s understanding – is not the way to happiness, and happiness itself. Freedom in his reading is not only the individual, but also a social benefit, and abuse of the freedom of one person means violence over the whole society. And conversely, the inheritance of a free individual is the devotion to the happiness of others, selfless service to the society. Mill in any case does not identify individual freedom to arbitrarily things, permissiveness and other antisocial things. Both the state and public opinion are entitled to exercise legal and moral violence against individuals, injuring other people or society in general. Mill believes that the state which guarantees all kinds of individual freedom is able to establish the proper order within. In a narrow sense, it (the order) means obedience. Obedience generally is, in the opinion of Mill, the first sign of any civilization. Free individual, for Mill, is also the law-abiding person. Freedom of the individual is primary in relation to the political structures. There is some ambiguity in this theory because it puts the state independence on the will.

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