Write 5 pages thesis on the topic manifestation of how the human brain handles conflicting materials.

The research study involved the researcher asking the participants (276 of them) to mention name words and non-words from two (2) different sets printed using different colors. The words in the two (2) lists were not consistent to allow for randomization and were not of the same length according to Stroop’s recommendations. Further, the colors used were different although the number of words was the same in both lists. The correctly named words and non-words were recorded for comparison. The results indicate that the mean difference between color words and nonsense words was found to be significant at 5% level of significance [Z = -13.318, P = 0.000, p&lt.0.05]. This means that participants named more color words than the nonsense words.

According to Melissa and Jessica (2009) and Torgesen et al. (2001), things that are well articulated can negatively influence one’s ability to notice the requirements of a particular undertaking and the phenomenon is referred to as the Stroop Effect. This effect according to Melissa and Jessica can be explained by two (2) theories the first being the speed of processing theory which assumes that interference in reading words occurs due to the fact that words can be read at a first speed as compared to reading colors. The second theory is the selective attention theory which on the other hand assumes that interference in naming colors entirely requires specific attention as compared to reading words.

To Glassberg et al. (1989), the Stroop effect is a manifestation of how the human brain handles conflicting materials and that completion of a certain task is affected by the dominant area of the brain which responses&nbsp.to other functional areas. Glassberg et al. use the example of naming colors giving an example where the word “RED” is written in blue. According to him, there occurs a delay in the procession of the color of the word.

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