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. Though Gandhi was an introverted person during his childhood, he never engaged in illegal activities. Telling lies or copying others’ ideas were sins for him even from his childhood. Gandhi’s philosophical principles and learning theories were famous, and the modern world has derived many lessons from his educational, intellectual, and psychological approaches. “Hunger strike was not freedom struggle thing… it was the truth of that time… but Gandhi transforms that weakness to our strength…. And the result is well known” (Gandhi My Father and Gandhari: Gandhi My Father must be supported)

Gandhi as a person in his childhood

Mahadev Desai, the author of Gandhi’s autography, has portrayed an incident in which Gandhi resisted his teacher’s temptation to copy the answer of one of his fellow students to make the school inspector impressive. Gandhi was the only one who wrongly spelled an English word, which the teacher tried to correct, and Gandhi refused. (Desai) Though Gandhi considered the teacher’s act as a nonethical one, his respect towards elder ones and teachers were never diminished. He has respected the elder one even if he felt that they are culprits at times. He never bothered about the sins of the elder ones. Gandhi never questioned the teachers or the elder ones, even if he was sure about their guilt.

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Gandhi was not much interested in taking part in physical education at school. He thought that Physical education has nothing to do with knowledge at that time. He hated physical activities because of his strong desire to join a service sector like nursing after completing his studies. This philosophy about education had changed later when Gandhi was grown up. Gandhi has later defined education as the all-around drawing out of the best in child and man. body, mind, and spirit. To derive the best out of the body, the body needs physical activities, which he realized later.

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