Write 5 pages with APA style on American Transcendentalism and the Dark Romanticism.

Consequently, the campaign believed society was not perfect but susceptible to self-destruction and sin. Humanity never possessed the divinity and wisdom needed to realize perfection. Moreover, Dark Romanticism considered religion a sinister doctrine intending to bring light to humankind. According to them, the natural and realistic world was stark darkness, mysterious, and decaying. Therefore, the dark world’s revelations were hellish and evil because it seldom revealed humankind’s truth, leading to sin and self-destruction. Finally, its pessimistic view of the world implies the natural world strives to ensure individuals fail to bring better changes in their lives. Humankind lacks direction. Thus his endeavors consist of predispositions about the real world that lead to sin and self-destruction


Transcendentalism was a spiritual, philosophical, and literary thought that began as a protest within a church. The Unitarians dominated humankind through religious doctrines, but many adherents intensified their protests between 1836 and 1860. Even though Romanticism originated earlier than Transcendentalism, it is apparent Dark Romanticism corresponds to Transcendentalism because it began around the late 19th century, only to criticize its predecessor.

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The relationship between Dark Romanticism and Transcendentalism lies in need of a movement in the 1800s. Both actions were reactions to stringent laws, traditions, and religious rules characterizing this century. As a result, both activities denounced Calvinism. This strong opposition occurred when Calvinists insisted that the outcomes of human action were predetermined. However, this was only benefiting the church at the individual’s expense, and both movements emphasize the influence of nature and the individual. Similar to Romanticism, Dark Romanticism bases its doctrines, Transcendentalism refuted objective reasoning supported by realism. As a result, Dark Romanticism shared a notion with Transcendentalism, insisting an individual needed to discover and unearth their truth and succumb to it rather than abiding by religious constructions of the time.

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