Write 5 pages with APA style on Online or Casino Gambling

I developed my survey with statements that were oriented to provide a variety of competitive advantages that each type of venue might espouse as part of its business model (revolving around such considerations as the convenience of access afforded by the venues or the total experience involved).&nbsp. I drew the statements from a careful reading of the research literature regarding consumer choices for gambling motivations (Belk, Guliz, and Soren, 2003. Cotte, and Latour,2009, Cotte, 1997).&nbsp. Some of the items were developed to present a statement that seemed to indicate an advantage for online gambling while others were written to indicate an apparent advantage for casino gambling.&nbsp. The statements were alternated in a random order on the survey instrument.&nbsp. This was done to make the respondents consider each question separately on its face as an independent unit, rather than merely falling into a pattern of saying yes (or no) to all questions that seemed to favor online versus casino gambling (or vice versa).&nbsp. This will ensure that the responses to the questions are more immediate and authentic, more response-driven than pattern-driven.&nbsp. The responses were ordered in a Likert-scale coding scheme with respondent options ranging from “1” meaning complete agreement and “7” meaning complete disagreement. Following these question/statements, the survey instrument attempts to determine the factors that are most specific to the individual respondents’ reasons for choosing a gambling venue, with a ranking of six factors drawn from the research literature.&nbsp. It is possible that respondents see one venue or another as being better or worse, and still choose to gamble at another venue.&nbsp. For example, a respondent may completely agree in theory that online gambling affords better access and more convenience, but he may like the experience of being in a casino for the social interaction.&nbsp. Question 11 is designed to determine what specifically makes a person chose to gamble, where and how they do.

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