Write 5 pages with APA style on The Black English more Black (African) or English.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Black English more Black (African) or English. Ebonics, which is also widely used in this kind of language, refers to “black speech” (which is a blend of words that involve “sounds” and “black”). This paper examines Black English among most of the black Americans in an attempt to determine whether it can be classified as Standard English or simply Black English.

The English language is one of the most commonly used internationally. Many of the countries that do not have English as their native language have had many schools that teach people about using this language on the local and international front. This language has a great history that many people have never followed to understand its development to its present-day, where many forms have developed (Smitherman 45). As people move and interact with others from different places globally, language becomes a key factor that aids in their interaction. In this process, new languages are bound to come up in a bid to create uniform systems of communication and underrating

The English language history is said to have begun after the arrival of the three tribes from Germany that invaded Britain’s land around the 5th Century (Smitherman, 53). These tribes were. Saxons, Jutes and Angles. they are believed to have crossed the North Sea from present-day Denmark and other places in Northern Germany (McWhorter 43). During this time, the people that were living in Britain used to speak using a Celtic language. These tribes’ coming pushed Celtic speakers to the far North and western regions, making them move as far as what is now Ireland, Wales and Scotland (McWhorter 47). The Angles are believed to have come from “Englaland” with “Englisc” being their common language. These are the words that later led to the formation of words like “England” and “English.”&nbsp.

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Following interactions of people with global population flows, the English language has been modified differently, leading to the development of languages like Black English, which is largely associated with Africans that live in the United States (Smitherman 53). So far, a huge debate has ensued on whether to term the Black English being used in the United States as Standard English to be adopted internationally, or it’s simply to be left as Black English.

Most linguists often describe the kind of distinctive speech by the African Americans as the African American English (AAE) or simply Black English. Alternatively, when they do not want to create the impression that the language is not part of Standard English used by the African Americans, they often describe it as the African American Vernacular English (McWhorter 51).

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